What's a new roof going to cost me?

A number of factors are considered when estimating the cost of replacing a roof.  But as a general rule the following elements will determine the cost regardless of the contractor you choose: 

  • Materials:  Are you looking for 30-year, 40-year or a lifetime roof? The longer the life, the higher the cost.  Are you going with an asphalt/fiberglass "3-tab," or upgrading to a premium/architectural "shake-like" shingle?   Today's roofing options go far beyond color alone.

  • Pitch:  The steepness of your roof.

  • Number of stories:  The height(s) of your roof from the ground.

  • Accessibility to your roof:   Can a dumpster or dump truck pull up to your garage, or must material be carried to and from the street?

  • Tear-Off:  The removal and disposal costs of your existing roofing material.  When you hear "How many layers do you have?" you're being asked a tear-off question.

  • Complexity:  Homes with dormers and valleys (click the Roofing Terms button) chimneys, skylights, etc., require more flashing and labor to prevent leaks from occuring.

Whatever roof you choose, this is certain:   You're going to need someone in your corner to trust.  A contractor that will take the time to help you explore your options, stay within your budget, install a roof that WON'T LEAK, looks good, and lasts, correct?  If this rings true for you then give us a shot at earning your business.  From tear-off to clean up, you'll be glad you did.

What should I do to prepare my home for re-roofing?

Interior:  If you use your attic or garage for storage, you may want to cover or remove selected items before we begin our work.  During re-roofing we sometimes find boards that are not tight, allowing small pieces of dirt and debris to fall inside as we remove your old roof and install a new one. 

Remember, too, that vibrations (primarily hammering) may shake items off your shelves or walls.  To safeguard your pictures, plates, figurines, etc. we recommend that you safeguard them until our work has been completed. 

Exterior:  At A-Line Roofing we have a long history of hiring crew members that are proud of their work, pleasant to be around, and respectful of your possessions.  Likewise, if we notice something on your property that may be damaged by falling debris, we'll either cover or move it, if possible.   Nevertheless, we ask you to please remove any portable items (i.e. potted plants, patio furniture, toys, etc.) located near the perimeter of your home before our arrival.   If you have special concerns, (i.e. flower beds, bushes, driveway space, etc.) please bring them to our attention before we begin and we'll be certain to address them.

Finally, due to the novelty associated with roofing, and the heights at which we perform our work, it's no surprise that our efforts attract the attention of onlookers.  To avoid unnecessary accidents, we ask that you notify any children or neighbors to steer clear of the work area until our job and a thorough yard and driveway clean-up is completed.


How soon can you get my roof done, and how long will it take?

To be fair, all jobs are scheduled in the order in which we receive signed contracts, unless you request an installation time beyond our current backlog. 

Re-roofs typically take 2-4 days to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the job and the agreeability of Mother Nature.

A good rule of thumb regarding roofing start dates is this:  For every day of poor weather during your countdown, add another day to the arrival of your crew.

We enjoy working outdoors, and are about as agile and good balanced as they come.  But roofing is a dangerous occupation, particularly in wet and windy weather.  Therefore, to protect our crews and not expose your roof's decking to unnecessary water damage, our policy is to not remove any more shingles than can be replaced on any given day.